Home Automation

Home automation is a network of hardware, communication, and electronic interfaces that work to integrate everyday devices with one another via the Internet. Each device has sensors and is connected through WiFi, so you can manage them from your smartphone or tablet whether you’re at home, or miles away. This field of home automation is fastly emerging in technology making homes safer and better places to live. These features help users to virtually monitor and control home attributes like lights, entertainment systems, security, climate control,
1.PowerLine Home Automation
Power-line communications technology can use the electrical power wiring within a home for home automation: for example, remote control of lighting and appliances without installation of additional control wiring.
2.Wired Home Automation
For lighting control Wired Keypads can be used and you have a wide range to select from. They are reliable and consistent. Once wired keypads have been laid with the correct wiring, they can be used for multiple rooms and multiple lighting scenes.
3.Wireless Home Automation
Wireless home automation is the automatic control of internet-connected household electronic devices and appliances.It allows you to create custom schedules for devices, turn devices on or off, and change other settings to fit your preferences. Plus, you can control everything remotely from a smart home manager app