LCD Display

The LCD Display Screen Digital Video Microscope is essentially a Trinocular microscope with an LCD Display Screen and camera integrated. The LCD Display Screen allows live display and easy analysis of specimens and allows the experimenter to view the specimen without looking into the eyepieces, which can reduce eye fatigue. The specimen can be viewed under 4 objective lenses with a total magnification of 40X-1600X. Coarse and fine focusing adjustment knobs, a quadruple nosepiece, a double layer mechanical stage, an ABBE condenser, and blue, green, and yellow filters are present. A built-in charging system and LED-Light source with adjustable iris diaphragm are also present. The LCD screen produces high-definition images and videos of 1920 × 1080 at 30 fps. It allows picture previews and photos and videos to be instantly saved with dynamic contrast on an SD card.